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The Face

Creation continues to unfold before our eyes.  More evidence of God’s artistic handiwork from Sunday’s Star-Tribune:

“Researchers stumbled upon a new species of monkey in a remote region in Africa.  They were tipped off by its brilliant color: a blond chest, red tail and very blue backside.  One scientist said that ‘the coloring is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.’”

There in the newspaper, in the midst of election hype, political analysis, dire economic predictions, and sleazy articles about reality TV was a picture and article about the lesula monkey.  It lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a species we never knew existed until recently.

There’s so much more to life than our narrow worlds, problems, schedules, and moods. So much more to be discovered.  So many more connections to be made. And I am  mesmerized by the mystery and tenderness in this face.

The caption for the picture was “Hello, I’m New.”

We have not seen it all.  Stay awake.

See you in church.


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