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Worst drop in years in the stock markets, says the news.

Ebola fears escalate, says the news.

Stores will open on Thanksgiving so that the spending may commence as early as possible, says the news.

This winter will be as bad as last, says the news. Or maybe not.

Political ads!

I wonder how we support our spirits in the face of this onslaught.

Church? Attendance everywhere is dropping. There is a lot competing for precious Sunday mornings: kids’ sports, brunch, the newspaper, the desperate need for rest, screen time.

More of us spend our time in front of small screens – not a problem in itself but maybe it is when I spend precious time with a quiz such as “What will be your job in the afterlife?” Or watch another video of a dog playing the piano, instead of drinking in the fall color or getting to the work that must be done today so I can sleep when it’s time. Of course, I can see the leaves online so…..

Individual and collective questions about allocation of resources such as time and money have been around forever. In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus is asked if people should pay taxes. Either answer will get him into trouble. Beneath this question are other questions about priorities and loyalties, use of resources, and how we “spend” our lives.

In Sunday’s reading from the Hebrew Scriptures, Moses begs God to give him some specifics about what to do, how to live.

That’s one thing church can be for: sorting it all out. A respite for your soul and a reminder of bigger things than your password can onlock.

See you there on Sunday.


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