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Poor Brian Williams. I was on his side when he apologized for mis-remembering the incident in the helicopter. Williams says his plane was fired on; actually it was the plane in front of him. But then another incident came out about Hurricane Sandy and seeing a dead body floating outside his hotel when there were solid sources that said that there were no bodies and no water and …. I started to wonder.

In the Gospel for this coming Sunday Jesus outright orders the disciples who were with him during a mountaintop experience (to say the least) not to talk about it. Not to lie, actually, although I wonder what would have happened if someone had asked them directly, “So what went on up there?”

”Oh nothing much.”

A lie? A cover-up? Following orders?

This week’s lesson is not the only time Jesus ordered people to be quiet. When he heals the leper, he tells him to be quiet about it. There are several other examples to keep mum until later. It’s as if people will misunderstand things until they know the whole story.

It’s so easy to be misunderstood, isn’t it? To have motives assigned us we didn’t intend, actions interpreted in ways we never meant, even slights to be perceived when we never intended. Suffering invariably follows.
I know this is true for us. Maybe even for Jesus.

For Mr. Williams? It’s not looking good.

More on Sunday.

See you in church.


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